Monday, March 30, 2015

My heart rate goes up just thinking about General Conference!

 Alright so first off.  I have to be super fast this week so I´ll apologize now but it sounds like you all had a great week this week!  Tagg congrats on the pinewood derby!  Also congrats to Brent and Courtney on the new baby!  So this week was good.  We had a Zone Conference this week with all the missionaries in the City of Natal so it was about half of the missionaries in the mission.  It was really good.  We learned a ton.  I saw the beach for the first time this week too haha.  6 months within 20 minutes of the beach and I just barely saw it haha.  But anyways I think I´m really getting into the whole missionary thing because I have never been this excited for General Conference in my whole life!  I´m so excited!  Like I think about it and my heart rate goes up.  I used to just be excited for Conference because it meant I could stay home from church and I didn´t have to put on church clothes haha.  But I can´t wait!  Even though I won´t be there live with the family, I´ll look for you guys!  I´ve gotta go now!  I love you all!  Have a great week!  A igreja é verdadeiro!
Elder Harris

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