Monday, March 23, 2015

Shooting and Wars...Missionary Style!

Alright so I had a pretty good week this week.  Not a whole lot happened this week so I´ll keep it short.  I started out with an interview with President Soares.  It went really good, I always learn a ton from him.  Anyways we were eating lunch at our house and I was out on our balcony which is 4 stories up and this kid on the street with a broomstick started "Shooting" me with it.  It was funny, I started shooting him back with a broomstick and before long we got all the elders and like 5 kids on the street having a war with us from our balcony haha.  It was just a bunch of people yelling BANG BANG!  Haha the adults on the street had no Idea what was going on but it was hilarious.  It went on for like a half hour before we figured we´d better leave to go work haha.  But it was way fun. 
          Anyways so the bummer of this week was me and my comp decided to go visit D. and C.  So we got there and knocked on the door and there was like an echo (All houses here are made of concrete)  So we were like well that´s weird.  So we asked some neighbors and they were like oh yeah they moved this afternoon.  We were like What??  Are you kidding me?  Nobody knows where they went to and we´ve called them about 1,000 times and nobody has answered.  It was so frustrating. 
          We were walking by this big Universal Church.  It´s a really popular church around here and we could just hear yelling and screaming.  So we went to the front of the building and the front part is really big and open so you can see in and there were all sorts of people screaming and grabbing their head and church leaders grabbing peoples hair and yelling in their ears.  People were falling on the floors and all that.  It turned out they were trying to get the demons out of people.  Yeah it was some pretty messed up stuff.  It´s so sad to think that people are so lost yet they don´t want the truth.  People from the Universal church are definitely some of the most heard hearted people here.  Yeah it was weird.
             Anyways turns out winter is just starting here.  I had no idea until somebody told me.  It just means that it rains a little more which is good and bad.  Good because it keeps it a little cooler and bad because you´re soaking wet and if you wear a jacked you get too hot and get soaked with sweat, so it´s just a bad situation.  But I did try to justify wearing a sweater with my companion on an overcast day.  That was a bad idea.  Man I got so hot!  Everyone here was walking around with sweaters and jackets and I was still dying of heat!  So I took it back home and left it there.  Anyways, sorry for the lame letter but that was about all that happened this week.  I love you all, I hope you have a great week!  A igreja é verdadeiro! 

Elder Harris

Trying to wear a sweater this "winter"

War Pic #1

War Pic #2

Testing out his rain jacket!

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