Monday, March 16, 2015

Hit the Big 6 Months!

          Hey everyone!  I hope all of your guys´ week was as good as mine!  We had an awesome week.  On Monday night we went to a member's house for a family night and they threw a big surprise birthday party for me and Elder Church who turned 19 a couple days before me.  They brought out a big cake and started singing happy birthday (Not as well as the Ebmeyers but it was still cool) ;)  Haha the lady had written little notes to each of us which was super sweet.  My name is Elder Harry but oh well haha.  Almost everyone here calls me Elder Harry Potter so people just assume my name is Harry, it´s kinda funny.  Anyways that was about it for that.  So this week my comp went on splits in another area so I was senior companion with Elder Shakespear from Utah.  I might have written about him before.  I lived with him when I was in Panatis.  He´s a really funny kid.  He has a super thick American accent so when he talks the people think it´s hilarious.  So yeah, We had 4 Americans in the house this week.  It was awesome!  We didn´t have to speak one word of Portuguese while we were in the house which was a first.  Elder Shakespear's parents had sent him some Kraft Mac n´ cheese so we cooked that up and it was so bomb!  It´s been so long since I´ve had that!
          So we were going to an investigator's house, Anaildi.  I´m not sure if I´ve told you guys about her yet.  She´s a lady in her mid 50´s or so and she has this problem with her leg where it just starts bleeding randomly but she doesn´t feel it.  She told us that once but we didn´t think too much of it.  Well anyways, me and Shakespear were going there and we got there and her husband was outside so he opened and invited us into the gate and we went up to the front door which was opened and there was blood all over the floor.  Like I´m talking a ton of blood!  One of her neighbors was there cleaning it up and by that time they had got the bleeding stopped.  I remembered her telling us about it so I wasn´t overly concerned I just asked if we could help with anything but Shakespear was freaked out!  He didn´t know what to think.  A. was sitting in a chair as calm as can be and was like Hey!  I´ve been waiting for you guys to come!  Come in grab yourself something to eat, I´m excited to hear the word of God haha.  She was so nonchalant.  But anyways it was kinda funny. 
          The next day was pretty intense we were walking down the street and we were getting pretty close to an intersection when we heard this loud bang and scratching noises that sounded like a car accident.  The next thing you know, we see a guy sliding on the street with his motorbike on top of him.  I was so shocked at first then I realized what happened, dropped my books, and ran to go help him.  I lifted the bike off of him and by that time there were quite a few people there.  The guy was pretty scratched up and I´m pretty sure he broke his leg but he was lucky.  he was wearing a helmet too which was good.  We waited until the ambulance came and then we left.  It was crazy.  
           So anyways, back to the church stuff.  We taught D. and his girlfriend a few times this week and they were still loving it!  C. (his girlfriend)  read the first 15 chapters of the Book of Mormon and all the introductions and stuff at the beginning and was super excited about it!  She gave us the run down on everything she had read so far.  She especially loved the Testimony of Joseph Smith.  She was telling us that story in detail with dates and everything!  I was like, man if only everyone were to get that excited about the Book of Mormon.  They were really excited to come to church this Sunday and reminded us all throughout the week to not forget to come to their house to pick them up for church.  But unfortunately D.'s mom got sick so they left at 4 in the morning to go help her.  So they weren´t able to go to church but they´re still doing awesome.  
              Sunday morning was tough.  We have to pass by the houses of all of our investigators house to take them to church because almost nobody has cars here. (We have about 20 investigators right now)  We walked to every one of their houses and were not able to get one person to church with us.  It was such a bummer.  But it was all good.  That was about all for this week.  I love you all!  Have a great week!  A igreja é verdadeira!
Elder Harris
Devin's birthday cake made by some members there!  It's huge!

Kraft Mac 'n Cheese with the Americans...who knew it would bring such bliss?!

Thanks to Talon, it looks like he might just cry over this box of Waffle Crisp!  You are so good to him Talon!

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