Monday, March 9, 2015

We can help you with that!

So this week was a long and a really tough week, but I learned a lot and my testimony has been strengthened.  So to start the week out I´ve had an ingrown toenail that freaking kills but I don´t like hospitals and I´m not sure how much I trust the hospitals here so I tried to do a little surgery on myself which just ended up being really painful haha.  I wouldn´t recommend it to anyone haha.  But anyways I toughed it out all week which is not fun walking 30,000 miles per day.  So we have this investigator who lives forever away and it was about 7:30 and we needed to get to her house quickly so that we could get home on time so the only way was to take a bus.  There is one bus that goes by her house and my comp was positive that it was 74.  So we waited forever until 74 showed up.  We got on and were feeling pretty good when we realized we were on the wrong bus taking us farther away from the investigator´s house and our house.  So we hurried up and got off and by that time it was about 8:15 so we had to cancel our appointment with her and we used the last hour and a bit to walk all the way home because it was too late for the busses here.  They stop working at 8, don´t ask me why.  So yeah we were doing some contacts on the way home and met a man who was Jehovah’s witness.  Man this fool chewed us out for everything we tried to say.  My comp loves to bible bash so they just went at it for like a solid 20 minutes before I finally pulled my comp away.  The next few days followed as suit.  They were all really tough, long, and I´ve never been yelled at or had my beliefs laughed at more than I have this week.  We were pretty discouraged this week until Sunday.  That´s when things started to turn around.  I went on a division with Elder Wilson Sunday morning to go pick up investigators to take to church.  We were doing some contacting and knocking on doors (Clapping outside the gates) because we had a little time to kill so we decided to clap at the houses and ask for a Pablo just to break the ice a little bit haha.  That was going really well until we clapped at a door and asked for Pablo and a 35 year old man named Pablo showed up.  That was super awkward haha.  We had to think fast to dig ourselves out of that situation.  We were both American so we were trying so hard to make up a story in Portuguese haha.  But it was all good he was really cool.  Sunday afternoon was even better, we had some good lessons and it was all going pretty normally until we remembered a guy we made a contact with almost a month ago who we had both forgotten about.  We just had a strong feeling to go there.  We got there and D. (That´s his name) was like man, I thought you guys forgot about me!  I wanted to go to church but I forgot what time it was at and I never saw you guys again!  We talked to his girlfriend too and shared the restoration with them.  He started to tear up at the first vision and said he was feeling straight up peace and joy at that moment.  It was really cool, he was asking what he would have to do to join the church and we were like, We can help you with that haha.  The only problem is he lives with his girlfriend and his son but they aren´t married so we´ve got to get them married first.  But yeah, really cool stuff.  It makes all the bad stuff and the hard stuff about mission life worth it when you have those kinds of experiences.  Anyways, that was about it for this week.  I love you all, Have a great week!  A Igreja é verdadeiro!

Elder Harris
Elder Wilson and I talking to some kids (Matching Jackets;)

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