Monday, March 2, 2015

Grossest thing he's eaten so far...

So this week was definitely a good one.  Man I can´t believe that Colton is home!  It seems like the mission is forever long but seeing the pictures of him back home it seems like he never left!  Heck it almost seems like I never even left and I´m working on 6 months already!  But anyways, this week was awesome.
         So we were walking down the street the other day and all of a sudden some guy pulls up to us in his car and starts yelling all of these english swear words at me for being american.  He had a very colorful vocabulary.  It´s funny these people here can´t speak one bit of english but they all know the swear words.  I swear, if they would put half the effort that they put into learning the swear words into learning actual english, they´d be fluent in no time!  But they prefer to curse instead.  
         So a couple days ago we were studying and we got a call from the president's wife and she said she´d be stopping by to take a look at the house and to grab an extra box frame that we had.  Man You´ve never seen 4 missionaries clean a house so fast in your life haha.  About 4 minutes in we had it looking spotless.  Floors mopped and everything haha.  I just thought that was kinda funny.
           So friday night me and my comp got home at 9 o´clock which is a miracle because we almost always stay out until 9:30 teaching or contacting or doing something.  But anyways, we were exhausted and we got home and started to plan when we realized we never got a signature from the mom of the teenager we were going to baptize the next day.  So we ended up having to sprint to their house which is freaking forever and a day away just to get the signature and then sprinting back to make it home by 9:30.  Now if any of you have ever sprinted for a half hour straight you know, what I´m tlaking about here.  I was so exhausted!  I about passed out.  In fact I´m not 100% sure that I didn´t pass out while I was running, who knows, all I know is that it was tiring but we did end up getting the signature and we baptized him on saturday.
            So Saturday was my birthday and the only thing we did was baptize.  Haha what could be better than that? ;)  We baptized a 17 year old named F.  We´ve been teaching him since I´ve been here and his younger brother is a member so he´s been trying to help him out a ton.  Anyways he finally got an answer about the book of mormon and accepted baptism.  We had a really good baptism and his brother shared the message and it was super spiritual.  It was incredible to see the joy that the younger brother got from his older brother being baptized.  I can´t imagine what it would be like to be an only member with a family who wont accept the gospel.  But anyways that was really good.  
             So I officially ate the grossest thing since I´ve been on the mission this week.  Of all the chicken feet and heart and bat and little bird thingies that I´ve eaten the worst food of all is spaghetti noodles with straight ketchup.  I´m for real, I can´t even handle that.  It´s a thing that´s pretty popular here but I just tried it for the first time on thursday.  I could hardly keep it down, I was begging for the chicken feet haha.  It was not good.  So if you guys have spaghetti noodles and ketchup and are thinking about experimenting with them, Don´t do it.  Just don´t.
             I guess another pretty stupid story for you guys (Sorry I don´t have any really cool stories but I´m just trying to fill you in on our every day life here haha) would be on wednesday we were walking down the street and we bought some creamsicle things cuz we were dying of heat and I accidentally dropped mine on the ground and it got sand all over it.  The average person would have given up at that point but not me.  I needed that Ice cream almost as much as these people need the gospel.  So I saw some people sitting outside their gate so I asked them to wash off my ice cream for me so I could continue enjoying it.  They looked at me like I was an idiot but i didn´t care.  The heart wants what the heart wants,  So they invited us in cuz it was like 105 that day.  And we started talking to them, turns out they are really great!  They were super interested so we´re gonna continue teaching them.  They don´t live in our area so we passed the reference to the other missionaries that live with us.  The Lord works in mysterious ways haha.
           That was about it for this week, I love you all!  Have a great week!  Welcome Home Colton, I´ll continue your work for you out here ;)  A igreja é verdadeiro!

Elder Harris
(Notice the absence of the "II")

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