Monday, February 23, 2015

Sweating to death in the back of the moving van!

So we had another really good week this week!  The holiday Carnaval ended so we could finally do some work.  Carnaval is the most ridiculous holiday ever.  It doesn´t celebrate anything it´s just a holiday to party.  It lasted Sunday through Wednesday.  It was ridiculous trying to do contacting cuz everyone was drunk, listening to loud music, and having a good time.  It´s such a bad holiday that all the churches here including catholics and all them send their youth to a youth conference type thing to keep them from doing all the bad stuff that goes on.  Yeah no good, but it´s ok now cuz it´s over.  Sorry I´m emailing so late, we spent pretty much all day today in down town Natal shopping and exploring the city haha.
        So this week we helped some missionaries move houses which was a blast.  We had ten elders there so it went really fast.  There was a palm tree in the backyard so we had like all ten of us trying to climb it and figure out ways to get the coconuts haha.  We ended up getting like 15 coconuts so it was worth it ;)  We loaded up one house and headed to the other.  All the missionaries just jumped in the back of the moving truck which seemed like a good idea at first but turned out it wasn´t... at all.  It was so hot, I swear I almost died!  I´ve never sweat so much in my life!  It was ridiculous!  But it was still pretty fun. 
          So we baptized a guy named F. on Saturday.  It was really different because he is paralyzed from the legs down so we had to put him in a chair in the water with my companion holding him up while I baptized him.  Super difficult but definitely worth it.  He sacrifices a lot to go to church every Sunday.  Like I said hardly anyone here has cars so he has to find a ride or get a taxi every week.  There are a total of three members in our ward with cars.  So actually to get F. to the baptism was a pain!  None of the members could do it and we didn´t have credits on our phone to call for a taxi so we ended up just asking a couple random people on the street until one guy said yes.  Haha it was kinda weird but you gotta do what you gotta do I guess. 
         We were walking down the street Saturday night and some deaf and mute guy came up to my comp and I and was like making all sorts of hand signals and squeaking sounds at us and we had no Idea what he was saying.  We tried talking to him but he can´t hear so that didn´t work so we ended up just giving him a pamphlet and told him to go on the site and he hugged and kissed the pamphlet and took off.  I´m not really sure what to think of it haha.  But that was about it for this week.  I can´t believe Colton comes home this week!  That´s so crazy!  Then I´ll be left out here all alone!  I´m still convinced that I´m never going home and I´m gonna stay here and preach for the rest of my life haha.  It wouldn´t actually be too bad.  I love it here.  I mean it sucks and it´s a lot of walking but it´s incredible at the same time.  I think only a missionary can understand what it´s really like.  But anyways I love you all!  Have a great week this week!  A Igreja é verdadeiro!

 Elder Harris II

The new district

Check out the stadium behind me!

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