Monday, February 16, 2015

Emergency Transfer to Cidade do Sol

   So I´ve gotta be pretty quick on the email this week so I´ll try to keep everything short.  But this week was really good.  Pretty crazy though.  So on Wednesday I went teaching with the ward mission leader so it was just me and him while my other comps stayed in the house because of Elder Muñoz´s knee.  So as we were walking we saw this drunk guy coming down the street which is pretty normal especially right now because the huge holiday Carnaval is going on right now.  But yeah, so as he got closer he started yelling at me.  He was so mad, and was yelling because he thought I was German.  (Everybody and their dog here thinks I´m German)  He was still super upset about the World Cup when Germany destroyed Brasil.  But yeah he was telling me that I need to get out of their country and go back to Germany.  And he was like There´s gonna be another cup you just wait!!  Then I was like dude chill I´m American.  And then he yelled at me some more and told me I was lying.  Then he turned his hip to give the illusion that he had a gun (He obviously had watched Mall Cop before) Haha then he asked me if I wanted to meet his pistol.  It might sound kinda scary but I was trying to keep from laughing to be honest.  He was so drunk haha.  So we just kinda walked away while he was still yelling.  So that was that haha. ]

        So we baptized P. this week!  It was so awesome!  He was so happy and excited to be baptized!  It was an awesome baptism.  I guess all of them are awesome but this one was extra awesome.  But anyways, I got a call on Friday that said I was being transferred in an emergency transfer.  So I packed up and I am now in my third area Cidade do Sol.  It´s right next to my last area.  It´s only like a 45 minute walk.  I know, only. ;)  But yeah my new comp is Elder Gomez dos Santos.  If you look at the picture I sent of my zone he is the tall one standing right next to me.  There are three Americans in the house and him.  They´re all really chill.  We all get along great.  But really that was about it for this week.  Sorry for the pretty short email.  I love you all!  A Igreja é verdadeiro!

 Elder Harris II

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