Monday, February 9, 2015

"I'm getting too lazy to come up with good subjects."

     Well everyone, this was another super great week!  So on Tuesday we were doing some street contacting and we found this 15 year old boy named P.  He is so awesome and was so prepared to receive us and the gospel.  Usually we do street contacts and people aren´t really interested and that´s kinda how it was with P. too but for some reason we decided to go back to his house the next day.  I guess I´ll rewind, I had just prayed the night before that I could be an answer to someone's prayer.  Which is cool because I hadn´t prayed for that yet.  Anyways we went back and we started teaching on the restoration.  P. is one of those kids who is super intelligent and loves studying and to be honest is probably smarter than I am.  Which is cool because it´s really hard to find those kind of people here.  We got to the Joseph Smith part and it like hit him.  He was asking all sorts of questions and he was explaining how he felt exactly like Joseph Smith because he had been going to all sorts of churches and studying up on religion but he just couldn´t figure out which one was true.  At the end we asked him if he had any questions and he was like, just one... "Can I say the closing prayer?"  So we were like, "Heck yeah!"  And he gave one of the coolest prayers I´ve ever heard, he thanked Heavenly Father for sending the missionaries to show him the truth and how we were an answer to his prayers.  Definitely one of the coolest experiences I´ve had on the mission.  To make a long story short, he is already half way through Mosiah in the Book of Mormon and his baptism is this Friday.  The Lord hears and answers our prayers!
             In other news, one of the missionaries in our house, his sister lives in Provo, so she sent him a package of American snacks and what not so we had to show the Brazilians how to make smores haha.  We roasted the marshmallows over the stove and it was so bomb!  We were at a lunch with one of the members of the ward and there is a young woman from the ward who is living with her grandparents because her mom moved to Utah and married a guy there but the daughter can´t go yet because she hasn´t gotten her visa.  Anyways we skyped with her mom from Utah.  She hasn´t been there for very long so she can´t speak English very well yet and she says it´s really hard.  I was just like, I feel you homie.  So for all of you guys at home, if you happen to meet someone who can´t speak the language, be nice to them!  It´s one of the hardest things ever! 
              We had dinner at a member’s house and they gave us this stuff called tapioca, I´ve talked about it before.  It´s really good, they gave it to us with shrimp and coconut.  If you knew me before the mission, you knew that I hated shrimp or seafood in general but I´m eating it quite a bit and it´s not as bad now haha.  They also gave us avocado juice.  It was really weird because you went to drink it and it smelled like guacamole and then you taste it and realized that it was sweet.  It was really weird but actually not that bad haha.  Man it seems like all of my stories today were from meetings with ward members.  I´ll share one more I guess haha.  We were at lunch at a members house whose sister is hardcore Catholic.  We were eating all nice and friendly and then after lunch I shared the message and I just shared it on Christ because I figured I would share something that everyone would enjoy, even the Catholics... Boy was I wrong.  I shared verses from 2 Nephi 25 and 26 which is like all about Christ but apparently it was from the Livro de Mórmon which the lady didn´t like.  She started chewing us out about how nothing was true from that book and I was like, man I´m just tryin' to spread the love of Christ here!  She then proceeded to tell how we are all doomed because of the fall of Adam and we tried so hard to convince her that the Fall was a good thing but she just wouldn´t have it.  So we had to just leave.  It´s super sad to see how many people lack the truth but they are just too stubborn...  Freaking Laman and Lemuel....
          But we did have a baptism this Sunday.  A 37 year old man named N.  He is really great and we had like half the ward at his baptism so that was really awesome. This morning we had a big Zone activity here in Panatis.  The whole zone came and we played basketball, frisbee, and football!  Real football!  Well, kinda, it was with a nerf ball and it´s tough to play with Brazilians who have never touched a ball with their hands.  It's all about soccer here.  On the plus side, we did have some pretty good kickers on our team haha.  But that was about it for this week.  I love you all, A Igreja realmente é verdadeiro!
Elder Harris II
P.S.  Sorry for not sending pictures this week but the computer is being dumb.


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