Monday, April 6, 2015

I can almost literally feel my tongue being "loosed".

How is everyone??  This week was awesome!  I loved conference!  I was so bummed when it was over.  There is nothing better than conference on the mission.  It´s such a spiritual boost to help you keep going in the work.  I loved seeing all of the pictures of the family there!  I´m pretty jealous, not gonna lie ;)  The chapel where we watched it is about an hours walk from hour house so that was really tough to try to bring investigators but we got two to come with us on Ssaturday and they seemed to really like it!  All of the American missionaries had our own little room to watch it in english which was awesome!  I would have liked to listen to the one talk that was given in Portuguese in Portuguese but it was translated for us too.  Ulisses Soares, the one who spoke, is actually my mission president´s cousin so that was pretty cool.  Anyways, I loved all of the talks!   Especially Elder Ballard´s in the priesthood session haha ;)  So I ran into P., the 15 year old, now 16 year old, that we baptized in Panatis at the conference.  He was so good!  He got the priesthood and was getting ready to bless the sacrament next  Sunday!  He says all he is missing now is the missionary name tag.  It was so cool to talk to him and see how good he is doing.  He was taking me around introducing me to all of his friends and was like "this is the one who taught me!"  It was such an awesome experience!  
          So in between the conference on Saturday I brought the football you guys sent to me and we were playing with it in the parking lot.  Haha man, Brazilians are not known for their American football skills haha.  Usually we always see them play soccer and they're so good at it that it makes the Americans look bad but it was nice to see them a litte discooridinated (Devin is creating new words...I think he meant uncoordinated) for a change haha.  We actually had a Zone pday today which is why I´m emailing a little late today but it was a blast.  We got a big game of football going on a huge sand field.  (It´s almost impossible to find grass here)  It was so hot though!  Everybody almost died!  I´m not even a hundred percent sure that I didn´t die.  But when you get 20 missionaries together they don´t really care, they just go all out haha.  I wish I would have brought my camera to send pictures but I left it in the house so it´s gonna have to wait another week...  Sorry, my bad.  I know it´s been awhile since I´ve sent pictures but I still look the same I promise ;)  So I just wanted to throw this in here.  Everybody has heard the scriptures that talk about like your tongue being loosed with the help of the Holy Ghost and stuff like that right?  Well I totally testify of that.  When I´m talking to someone on the street I can usually get across what I want to say pretty well but when I am in a good lesson and am teaching with the spirit I can almost literally feel my tongue being loosed.  Everything just comes so easily and it´s not very hard to pronounce the words either which is something that almost every American has problems with.  I´ve come to find out that your tongue being loosed is such a literal phrase.  It´s so awesome!  Anyways just throwing that in there haha.  I love you all, Have a great week!  A Igreja é verdadeiro!

Elder Devin Harris

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