Saturday, April 25, 2015

Stuck somewhere in the middle of two languages!

So this week was alright.  Really really slow though.  We have just been working in the office and not too much else.  I went back to the hospital a couple of days ago to get the liquid sucked out of my knee again and as of right now it´s empty so so far so good haha.  This time the doctor told me I had to stay off it for a few days so for the last 3 days I've had to stay in the office all day which has been super lame!  It´s so frustrating because my knee doesn´t even hurt!  He just said to make sure and not take any chances because if the water keeps coming back eventually he will have to do a simple surgery but those are super super slim chances.  But like I said so far so good.  I think the doctor just didn´t drain it all the last time.  But I can start to work again here in a little bit so I´m pretty excited.  We got to go to McDonald´s twice this week!  First time in over 7 months that I´ve been to McDonald´s!  It was so good!  The first time I went with just the three office missionaries and the next day President and Sister Soares took us again.  Man it was good.  But like I said, it was pretty expensive.  It was worth it though ;)  So I´m pretty much forgetting my English.  I had to call some bank guy in the states to talk about some things for the financial secretary but he doesn´t speak English so I had to talk to him.  I could not speak English to save my life!  I was trying so hard but I kept saying Portuguese words and then I would panic and try to apologize but it would come out in Portuguese too!  The guy thought it was pretty funny but I was struggling.  I still don´t think I speak Portuguese all that well either so I´m kinda just stuck somewhere in the middle of the two languages.  But yeah, That was literally about it for this week.  Sorry for the lame email but it was a lame week.  I love you all!  Have a great week!  A igreje é verdadeira!  

Elder Harris

Here is a little more from an email Devin sent answering some of his dad's questions...

1. Elder Durê, the short elder (the elder in the middle of the picture below) is the Financial secretary and he is my legit companion but the other one, Elder Cancino, is my trainer, the old executive secretary, He´ll be here for another week or so then he´ll leave and it will be me and Elder Durê.
2.  Yes there are AP´s and we usually work pretty closely with them.  They come in every Sunday and Monday to do their things here in the office.  
3./4. We work everyday in the office until about 4 or 5 and then we finish out the day proselyting.
5.  My main jobs are to deal with all of the passports and visas of the missionaries.  Make sure they´re all legal here and renew them when I have to.  take new missionaries to the police station to get them registered.  I´m in charge of supplies for the whole mission.  I have to do everything with entering information on every single one of the baptism forms from the mission into the computer to make sure the church system has them.  I am in charge of buying flight tickets for missionaries who go home.  I am in charge of the mail.  I´m here to do whatever president asks as well and to deal with whatever problems missionaries have.  Also I have to talk with a lot of people from the states because I´m the only one who speaks English well here.  There´s other things, but those are the main ones.
6. By, on my own, I mean my trainer will leave and I will be here to deal with all of the things to do with executive secretary alone.  I will stay with the Financial secretary.
7.  As of right now I live with the other two office elders and when my trainer leaves it will just be me and my comp.  We live across the street from the office.

Elders Cancino, Dure, and Harris


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