Monday, April 13, 2015

Fluid on the knee and Mission Executive Secretary

So this week was a good one.  It started off by me having to go to the hospital because I had some weird liquid in my knee.  I showed Sister Soares last Monday and she immediately marked an appointment for me.  Haha don´t worry it´s no big deal because it is on the outter part of the knee.  The doctor said if it was on the inside of the actual knee then it would be more serious but all they had to do was stick a big needle in my knee and suck the juice out.  He said it happened because I hit my knee somewhere or something like that.  I don´t remember so I´m pretty determined it´s just from praying too much ;)  Brownie points from the Man upstairs ;)  Anyways so I got there and I saw the doctor for the first time and noticed that he had a mustache, so immediately I put all of my trust in him because as we all know, mustaches mean wisdom and knowledge...  Anyways he sucked the juice out and then put a ridiculous amount of bandaging on my knee.  My knee was numb so I didn´t feel anything for like the next three hours.  The next day I took the bandaging off and there was still liquid stuff in my knee!  Either I was really misguided by this doctor's mustache and thought he was really good at his job but turned out that he´s not or my knee started filling up again.  Anyways, to make a long story short I have to go back to get it redrained again this week.  But like I said don´t worry it´s no big deal.  It doesn´t hurt at all.  To be honest I kinda like it.  It´s fun to poke.  It gives me something to do when I´m bored haha.  
           Anyways, on to the big news.  Transfers are tomorrow but I recieved a phone call from President Soares yesterday that said I was being called as the new executive secretary of the mission.  So I packed up my bags last night and got to the mission office this morning.  So that pretty much means I´m on a computer for like half the day.  That might sound pretty good but there is SO MUCH stuff to do!  Especially because this week is transfers.  I have a trainer for today and tomorrow but after that I´m on my own.  I´m super nervous but excited, it should be good.  So that means I´ll be staying here for the next 7 months.  Haha I guess we´ll see how it goes.  I´m just stoked because I get air conditioning!  Plus I get to spend a bunch of time with President and Sister Soares.  I love being around them, I always learn a ton and we get treated so well haha.  When I was going to the hospital with Sister Soares last week she was talking about all of the street contacting we do.  It was cool because usually street contacting isn´t all that excited but we have to do at least 20 per day.  She was talking about how for most of the people we talk to, it is the first time in their lives they have ever come face to face with somebody is actually called of God and holds the true Priesthood.  It´s cool because we don´t always remember that kind of authority we hold.  It puts things into perspective for me.  Anyways, that was about all that happened this week.  I love you all!  Have a great week!  A igreja é verdadeiro!

Elder Devin Harris

Two others who I entered the MTC with at Zone Conference


Some street football


Some random street

The doctor doing his thing!


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