Saturday, April 18, 2015

Surprise! Saturday is my new PDay!

So first off let me answer all of your guys´ question right now.  Why is Elder Harris emailing on a Saturday?  Yeah, I know it was what you were all thinking.  So for the next 6 months while I am in the office my Pdays will be on Saturdays.  I won´t have Pdays on Mondays for a while.  Bem, então my week was so crazy!  I got to the office at one of the busiest times!  Right in the middle of transfers.  We had to worry about all of the new missionaries coming in and all of the old missionaries leaving.  It was way busy.  We got to go to the airport on Tuesday to pick up a new sister who just arrived straight from the states.  It brought back all of the memories from when I had just barely arrived and was completely lost not being able to understand anything.  But it´s all good because everyone goes through it.  So as I said in my last letter.  Being in the office can be pretty boring sometimes but there are a ton of perks!  We get to eat dinner every transfer at president´s house with the newbies.  I don´t know if you guys remember from way back when I sent that picture 15 stories up right on the beach where we had that super elegant dinner.  But yeah, I get that every transfer now.  Plus now instead of walking everywhere we can just call taxis.  In other words I´m getting ready to put on 25 pounds in the first few transfers here ;)  Oh and our area here is the only area in all of our mission that has a McDonald's!  I haven´t been there yet but man I´m excited.  The only downer is they say it´s really expensive here. 

          But anyways, after we got all of the new missionaries taken care of, all of the old missionaries who were leaving showed up.  They stayed for about three days here doing nothing except messing around and making a mess of the office and of our house because they had to stay with us.  We had 13 missionaries sleeping in our house.  It was ridiculous.  We spent all of this morning cleaning.  So anyways.  We have been teaching a girl named M. since I got here and she is progressing really well.  We also should have a baptism tomorrow of a 13 year old kid named I.  I don´t really know him really well yet but I talked to him for a bit yesterday and he seemed really cool.  M. should also be being baptized here in a week or two.  My new companion, Elder Durê and my trainer Elder Cancino are awesome.  I lied in my last letter, I´ll have three weeks of training and then I´m on my own.  Durê is from southern Brazil and Cancino is from Chile.  But that is about it for this week.  I got the ward´s letter from your 7 days of service and it sounds like it went really well!  Thanks to all of the youth who wrote to me!  I loved reading all of your letters!   Oh that reminds me, one of my responsibilities is the mail now.  So I don´t have to wait until the first of every month anymore.  I´ll get it as soon as it arrives haha.  (I think he wants us to send real mail...not just emailsJ )Thanks for all of your guys´ support!  I love you all!  Have a great week!  A igreja é verdadeiro!

Elder Harris

Pic 1 - View from president´s house again
Pic 2 - The office missionaries!

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