Saturday, May 2, 2015

I'm so skinny these days!

This week was really good!  On Sunday we had the baptism of I., the kid we´ve been working with since I got here.  He was awesome.  It was funny, we had his baptism right after church on Sunday.  Here they have sacrament meeting last and for the closing hymn we sang Israel, Israel God Is Calling.  Haha I. thought it was really cool, he just smiled the whole time :)  It was a really cool introduction to his baptism haha.  But anyways, we´ve been working quite a bit lately in the office and on the streets.  My trainer is now giving me all the work to do because he says I will learn faster.  That is true but man it is a lot of work.  Yesterday I typed the information of 350 baptismal forms into the computer.  I was pretty much dead by the time we left to go work.  Our teaching pool is really, really small right now so we´ve been working on getting it bigger.  We´ve got about 15 investigators still but none of them are really progressing so we´re working on that.   This week was actually really slow, I won´t lie.  President took us and the assistants out for lunch on Wednesday which was way good.  This ward here is good and all but we´ve only had 6 lunch appointments since I´ve been here as opposed to every day in the other areas I have passed through.  Lunch is the big meal here so that´s usually when the members feed us.  We never have dinner appointments.  It´s tough trying to pay for all of the food and everything else we need.  I didn´t realize how much the lunch appointments help!  No wonder I´m so skinny these days!  Man I miss the days when I could just drive to Mcdonalds and order off the dollar menu and be happy haha.  Fast food restaurants here are so expensive!  It´s where all the fancy people eat haha.  Last night we went with the sisters to this shrimp restaurant which was so good!  I think I´ve finally gotten to the point where I can say I like shrimp!  It was seriously one of the best restaurants I´ve ever been too, plus it was pretty cheap too so all the better I guess.  That was about it for this week though.  It´s been pretty slow lately, but don´t worry things´ll start picking up and I´ll start sending all of the pictures of my baptisms haha.  But until then, Have a great week!  I love you all!  A Igreja é verdadeiro!

Elder Harris

Pic - Doin work in the office

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