Saturday, May 23, 2015

My week was...well, exhausting!

  Hey everyone!  I hope you guys had a great week this week!  My week was... well, exhausting!  So we had transfers this week which are always super crazy.  This was my first one alone in the office too so that made things a little more difficult but this week was definitely a week of learning.  I learned a ton this week.  Like a ton.  But anyways...  So on Monday I was sitting around all stressed out getting everything ready for the new missionaries to come and for the old missionaries to leave and I was like freaking out when my phone rang and I didn´t recognize the number.  But anyways I answered it and it was I.D. from Cidade do Sol.  I don´t know if you guys remember her but she was the lady whose house we always went to for family night on Monday nights back when I was in Cidade do Sol who made me that huge birthday cake.  Anyways I was wondering why she called and she said it was just because she missed me in the ward there.  Anyways we talked for a little bit and it was really good because I was super stressed and it was good to know that I actually made a difference in the lives of at least a few people here.  Haha so we decided to use that jerk seasoning that Colton sent me a while back so we made some tacos with the assistants and we made some guacamole.  The missionaries threw the avocados in the blender.  What are they thinking??  I was just imagining Uncle Brent carefully mashing the avocados with a knife slice by slice haha.  I was like man if only he were here he would kill you guys haha.  But anyways it turned out pretty good. 
            So on Tuesday, all of the new missionaries got here.  Me and Elder Durê got to go to the airport again to get two new Americans who were fresh outta the states.  Man they were so lost.  Pssh Americans these days ;)  We took the new missionaries to do some street contacting to show them how to do it and it was so cool to see the excitement of the new missionaries!  It´s kind of a morale booster for everyone haha.  That night we also got to go to the president’s house for dinner which was great as usual.  That´s for sure the best part about being secretary haha.  So on Wednesday I had to take the two American missionaries to the police station to register them here in Brasil which I was super stressed about too because if something goes wrong there someone´s getting arrested or deported haha.  But it all went good thankfully haha.  An American missionary who was going home that day also decided it was a good idea to forget his passport here in the office so I had to get two missionaries to take it to the airport which is about 45 minutes away and his flight was scheduled to leave a half hour from when I got the call but they got a good taxi driver and it all worked out haha. It was a crazy week.  We had like almost no time for actual missionary work which was a bummer but the Lord is there to help us.  We somehow managed to mark two baptisms for tomorrow.  J., the brother of I., and V., who is a friend of the bishop’s kids.  So it should be a good day tomorrow.  We had a fun activity with the ward this week and I totally destroyed a bunch of kids in a foot race haha.  I don´t play around with that kinda stuff ;)  It´s kinda like when I destroyed Taggart and Treyson in that Mario Kart tournament at Lawrence Welk.  You can´t mess around with these kids these days haha.  Jk actually I almost lost the foot race to a 13 year old.  This kid was like a pro soccer player already so it´s a miracle that I pulled off the win in the homestretch haha.
          But anyways, things are starting to calm down here but this next week is going to be pretty crazy too because we have Elder Mazagardi from the 70 coming this week that we have to get ready for.  Wish me luck.  If I survive these next two week I´ll be determined that I´m invincible haha.  I love you all!  Have a great week!  A Igreja é verdadeira!

Elder Harris

The first three pictures I took from the security cameras of the church/mission office of me destroying these kids with my unreal speed and agility

The other pic is my new zone

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