Monday, June 6, 2016

Dude! It's the freaking spirit slapping you in the face!

Hey everyone! So this week was awesome! We found some awesome new investigators. Plus we were able to baptize a kid named A. I don't remember if I told you guys about him last week. His older sister was baptized about a month ago and is going super strong in the church so we've been working really closely with the whole family. I was able to baptize A. yesterday and now we just need to help the mom get over some problems so that she can be baptized too. But it's a really great family. Speaking of great families, we started teaching a family this week which is probably the most elect family I've met yet on my mission. We talked with the daughter the other day in the street and she invited us to stop by to teach her family so we went there and had one of the best lessons on the restoration I've taught. The whole family was so receptive plus they are legally married which is pretty much a miracle to find here haha. Anyways, we asked them how they were feeling after the lesson. The mom said she felt like everything we said was true, the dad said he was feeling a huge peace, and the daughter said she didn't know how to explain it but it was really good. I was like, "Dude, it's the freaking spirit slapping you in the face!"  We talked about eternal families and baptism. Now they just need to go to church. Luckily the dad's brother has been a member of the church for a few years now. So the dad already has family in the church. Anyways, we're super excited to keep working with them.
Tonight Elder Shakespear and I are gonna head up to Natal to go to the leadership council tomorrow. It'll be about my thirteenth or fourteenth of the mission but my first as Zone Leader so I guess we'll see how it goes haha. As for pictures, last week we used a super ghetto internet café and when I tried to send pictures it put a virus on my card and it got rid of all of my pictures since Mossoró... so I'll try to recover them when I get home. Anyways, so I don't really have any pictures for you guys this week because of that but next week I'll be sure to get you guys some. I love you all! Thanks for everything that you do for me! Have an awesome week! A igreja é verdadeira!

Elder Harris

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