Monday, February 1, 2016


So as I'm sure some of you may have noticed I am emailing on a Monday which means.......................... I HAVE OFFICIALLY BEEN TRANSFERRED FROM THE OFFICE!!!!!!! WOOOO!!!!! So I was transferred to a city called Mossoró which is about a 5 hour bus ride from Natal to the interior. And man let me tell ya..... I thought Natal was hot but I was wrong... Here in Mossoro I have learned what hot actually is... Oh my goodness I literally cannot bring myself to believe that you guys back home are actually getting as much snow as I'm seeing in the pictures that you guys sent! Today we played soccer with some of the other missionaries from the zone and I almost died. I think I sweat more in ten minutes of playing here than almost ten months of working in the office! In fact I am sending this email in a soaking wet t-shirt because of the sweat haha. But other than that it’s awesome here. They told me that Mossoró is the second biggest city in the state of Rio Grande do Norte behind Natal. It's a pretty decent sized city. My new comp is Elder Webb and he's a complete stud. I'm his step dad which means I'm finishing up his 12 week training. He's from St. George. I was a little worried when I found out I would be with a new American because I didn't want to lose my Portuguese but he already speaks Spanish so he's catching on to the language quickly. Plus we live with two more Brazilians so it's not even a temptation to speak English. This is my first companion of my mission who isn't Brazilian. But man he's a stud and a hard worker. We get work done together. I was also a little worried about the transition from office life to normal missionary life again but it hasn't been too tough. This week we were able to baptize 3 people that Elder Webb and his other comp had been preparing so I got here right at the fun part. It was good cuz I was able to hit the ground running here in the field ya know? It was a really good Sunday :)

Anyways on Tuesday we were able to receive the new missionaries and eat MY LAST dinner at president’s house... I know, I said last transfer that it would be my last but now it really was my last haha. Then Wednesday morning I got on the bus and drove 5 hours to get here. Elder Durê my first comp in the office was also transferred to Mossoró so it was good to travel with him and catch up with him haha.

I wish I could send you guys some pics but I forgot how annoying it is to have to use internet cafes to send emails but I'll try to get some to you next week. Just know that everything is well here! I am absolutely loving the field. I do kind of miss some of the things from the office... like AC... man do I miss AC... and my companion’s from back in Alecrim but it's all good because we talk on the phone quite a bit. That's just about it for this week. I love you all! Don't die of cold there and I'll try not to die of heat here! I love you guys! A igreja é verdadeira!

Elder Harris

My last pic from Alecrim with Elder Mehl, and Elder Petter

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