Saturday, January 23, 2016

We'll do our best and let the Lord do the rest!

This week was such a good week! We were able to baptize F. on Sunday, the sweet old lady with the hurt foot who is a straight up champ! So we went to pick her up on Sunday to bring her to church with a wheel chair because she said that the doctor told her she couldn't move her foot at all so we got a wheelchair. We got to her house and she said she didn't even need it. So we walked for a bit because she lives in a really tight part of the ghetto where it's too small for cars to go in. So we went with her until we got to the road where we arranged for some members to give her a ride. She went to church, brought a few friends with her, and was baptized just a little bit after the meetings were over. It was such a cool baptism! We had to wrap her foot in a bunch of plastic, tape and saran wrap to keep the water out and Elder Mehl and I both had to get in the water to help. I supported her back while Elder Mehl baptized her. She started to cry afterwards and it was just one of those spiritual moments. She literally came out of the water a new person. You could see more light in her eyes and she is just much happier in general. And she was a positive, happy lady before! In fact her baptism was just what her grandson W. needed. We have been teaching him and some of his friends for awhile now and they have been coming to church for a few weeks but they weren't necessarily progressing towards baptism. F. kept talking about how great the baptism was and before you knew it. We were able to baptize W. and one of his friends, J. on Tuesday night! Once again they were such good baptisms! Unfortunately, F. couldn't make it because of her foot but we showed her the pictures afterwards. Haha turns out W. is pretty much ninja and so he was showing us all sorts of flips and stuff after the baptism haha. It was sweet. The Lord's hand has definitely been at work here this week. And actually, thanks to F.'s and L.’s, (who was baptized last week) examples, one of their friends that we've been teaching, Lo., also wants to be baptized so if she doesn't go out of town this week we will be able to have her baptism this Sunday Also one more 15 year old boy, A., has been progressing really well. The only problem is his parents but we'll do our best and let the Lord do the rest.

To be honest, that's about all I remember from this week. I guess those were the highlights. It's such a cool feeling to see how the work of the Lord is going forward and an even better feeling to be a part of it. I love you all! Have a great week! A igreja é verdadeira!

Elder Harris

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