Saturday, August 8, 2015

Selfie Rampage!

So I hope all of your guys´ week was as good as mine! On Saturday for Pday we played a little game of soccer with the young men... Man they put me to shame but it was still fun haha. Sunday was awesome. I was able to baptize a kid who was so excited! His name is J. and he´s such an awesome kid.  So anyways Monday, all of the Zone Leaders came for the Leadership council on Tuesday. Since our house still doesn´t have water we slept in the office which was kinda different but still fun. We had the leadership counsel this month at the mission home which was really cool. I´m getting better at giving my trainings and it´s getting easier and a little bit less intimidating.

So we´ve been working with an investigator a lot this week. Her name is J. She´s had quite a few doubts about the Book of Mormon and the church but we´ve been helping her and she has been really accepting. She is kind of afraid of the thought of change which is always tough for people. But we are going to keep helping her this week to progress.

So yesterday was awesome. We went teaching with a kid R. from the ward who is going to serve in Fort Lauderdale Florida in September. He´s awesome, it makes me kinda wish I would have gone out more with the missionaries when I was home. He´s already more experienced than half of the missionaries here... including me! haha. So the ward last night had a party for São João. Remember that holiday with all of the fires in the streets and the fireworks that happened in June? Yeah it was to celebrate that so it was a little late but it was still a blast! It was such a cool cultural party! Everyone was dancing and having a blast, I just wanted to jump in with everyone and start dancing but I had to stay by the snack bar eating the treats instead haha. I guess there´s no problem with that ;) The snacks were awesome ;) But they listen to a weird kind of music called Forró which I thought was super annoying when I got here but now I´m starting to warm up to it haha. I went on like a selfie rampage and took selfies with a bunch of the members here so I´ll send those. I love the members here so much! They´re all so great! But anyways, that just about sums it up for my week. I love you all! Have a great week! A igreja é verdadeira!

Elder Harris

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