Saturday, August 15, 2015

Had an Awesome Week!

Hey everyone! Sounds like you guys all had an awesome week! Which is good because we did too! So to start out, we had one of the best Pdays ever last Saturday! We got permission from president to go visit some cool things in natal like an old fort on the beach and the aquarium. Usually president doesn´t let missionaries do that but like I said, being secretary every once in a while has its perks haha. I guess he trusted us enough to go there. So we go to the fort which was super awesome then I wanted to walk across the big pretty bridge they have here and go to the Aquarium of Natal. So we did that and turns out it was a lot longer than I thought it was but it´s ok because it was a beautiful view the whole way. I´m gonna send quite a few pictures your way.

Sunday was good, the youth Sunday school teacher asked me to give a quick message in English to show the importance of understanding what is being taught. So I got up there and tried my darndest but even then some Portuguese words kept slippin out haha. It´s kinda funny, I´ve realized that I have two versions of English in my mind... my casual slangy side and my more professional, and proper side. The more appropriate side has been pretty much completely replaced by Portuguese because as a missionary that´s almost all I do. So I´m still able to joke around with other Americans no problem but when I have to speak more properly it´s so hard! I´m working on improving my more casual side of Portuguese but man it´s tough haha. Anyways, that was a random tangent that came out of nowhere haha.

Monday we got everything worked out to move houses finally! So Elder Durê, Elder do Carmo and I moved everything from one house, carried it all about a block and a half, and put it all in the new house. It took about 4 hours but we got it all worked out just in time for transfers. Transfers were this week so we have been a little busy but this one was a lot easier than others. Dad you asked if I was just about done here... President was here talking to me and my comp and asked us how long we have each been in the office... my comp responded six months, and president said well then here in the next transfer or the next you should be going back to the field. Then he asked me and I said 4 months... he simply gave a little laugh and said I´ve still got quite a bit more time haha. I think I´ll be here for 2 or 3 more transfers. But it´s all good, I´m just afraid of having to leave the AC! ;)

So we´ve been teaching our investigator, J., and her mom, A., a recent convert almost every day this week and have been seeing huge progress! A. has stopped coming to church because of some issues with other members but she didn´t stop reading the Book of Mormon and she told us the other day that she was reading and she kept getting feelings that she needed to go back to church. Also her daughter, J. has been reading as well and it´s amazing to see how much her view of the church has changed. You can literally see her face light up a little more every time we see her. It´s awesome to see the changes that can be brought through the Book of Mormon. It´s truly incredible. I´m 100% convinced that if a person is having meaningful daily study of the Book of Mormon, and have meaningful prayers, that person will never ever fall away from the church. Likewise somebody who doesn´t have a testimony, if they do what I mentioned, there is no way they won’t receive a testimony of its truthfulness. That´s my little piece of advice for you guys this week. I love you all! I hope you guys are enjoying your last few days until school starts up again. Have a great week! A igreja é verdadeira!

Elder Harris

The blue arrow shows President's house

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