Saturday, August 22, 2015

"No matter what's not a good enough excuse not to read the Book of Mormon!"

Hey everyone! I hope everything is going well back home. Sounds like school has started up and summer is over haha. It´s so weird because it seems like time should be standing still haha. I blame the weather here haha. Literally since May of 2014 I have had nothing but summer. Which is really weird. The real summer here is just barely starting here. So it means it´s about to get hotter. Anyways, this week was awesome. Last Saturday we spent our pday playing soccer and volleyball and other little games with the kids from the ward which was a blast. Then the ward had a farewell party for R. who is going to serving a mission in Florida this month. It was all American and my patriotism was at a 10 haha.

Anyways, we have actually had some pretty crazy stuff happen this week. Let me just start out at the beginning. Monday the AP´s were here in the office so that night we went on splits and I went with Elder Z. Clark. A couple nights before that me and my comp had made a street contact with a girl who seemed to be not necessarily interested but we decided to go to her house anyways to try and teach her and her family. So we get there and we catch her right as she´s about to leave and she starts telling us this story about her brother-in-law who got shot three times, twice in the head and lived, and how she has been taking care of him. So naturally we were like, “Really? Two shots in the head and he lived?” And she was like, “Yeah you can go see him.” Before we had a chance to respond she called her brother out to take us in to meet this guy who had been shot three times, and then she was gone. So this kid nonchalantly took us back to see this guy. His name is M.. We talked with him for a bit and shared a little message with him. He has been having a tough time because the shots messed him up a little bit and he was really sad, so we tried to help him out as best we could and we´ll keep passing by to teach him and his family.

Haha so, J... this week hasn´t been the greatest for her. A bunch of people have been talking bad about the church and she has been listening. She hasn´t been reading the Book of Mormon or praying. She says it´s because she doesn´t have time... Ugh super frustrating. Man I hate Satan. For all of you people back home, read the Book of Mormon as often as possible! Sometimes it seems like we have a bunch of other things to do, or sometimes it may just be plain laziness. But I promise you that no matter what excuse you try to make, no matter how legitimate it may seem, it´s not a good enough excuse to not read. I was listening to a talk by Dieter F. Uchtdorf the other day which talked about if you are too busy to feel the spirit or to do the basics, maybe you need to slow down and reevaluate what matters most.

So, anyways, we got another temporary companion yesterday who will stay with us for about 2 weeks, which should be good. The only problem is that he has a hurt foot so he can´t walk a lot. Which means that in order for us to leave to work we have to find a member to either stay with him or leave with one of us. Last night I went teaching with a member, Irmão R., and it was awesome. We had a lesson with a ten year old kid, his mom, and his grandma who we´ve been teaching for about a week now, they came to church last Sunday and loved it. We started off our lesson by asking if they had read and prayed, and they said they hadn´t... bummer. So we read with them. We read a little part from 2 Nephi 31. When we were finished, we asked if they had any questions or comments and the boy was like, “I really like this book.” I know it sounds super simple but the way he said it, you could tell he meant it. It was really sincere and it instantly brought the spirit. So we left them with a prayer and that was about it for last night.

It was an awesome week. I hope you guys are have a great week! I hope you have an awesome birthday Kierstin! I´m a little worried for the citizens on the roads (and sidewalks) in Beaver haha ;) Good luck to all you guys starting up school! I love you all! A igreja é verdadeira!

Elder Harris

Pic 1 - The leadership council we had not too long ago.
Other pics - us last Pday
Last Pic- Showing my patriotism!

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