Monday, August 1, 2016

Making the most of my last little bit here in Brazil!

Hey everyone! Well this week was pretty crazy. Last p-day we got a call from the APs saying that there would be an emergency transfer, that Elder Shakespear and Elder Melo were being transferred and that I was getting a new companion. My new companion's name is Elder Bento. He's from São Paulo. He's super chill haha. He'll be a good companion to end the mission with. Elder Shakespear was a little bummed about leaving the area with only 3 weeks left which I totally understand. I'm so glad that I stayed here in Rosa dos Ventos to finish up! There are too many people here that I still need to see get baptized! We've got a few marked for this week so I'm praying that everything goes well!
On Thursday we had our mission tour with Elder Mazzagardi from the 70. It was good. He came last year too so it was my second time meeting him. It was a really good conference and it was good to see a bunch of my buddies from the mission, most of them for the last time. Holy cow how crazy is that?? Anyways, the rest of the week was spent introducing Elder Bento to our investigators and recent converts and showing him the area. He's gonna have to get the hang of things here quickly because 3 weeks isn't a whole lot of time to get to know an area. But he's a stud so it wont be a problem.
I'm extrememly excited for this week. We're gonna have to work like crazy. We had 14 investigators at church yesterday so this week we're gonna have to follow up with all of them. To be honest that's about all I remember from this week. I'm just here trying to take it all in and make the most of my last little bit here in Brazil. It honestly doesn't feel like it's all coming to an end. Everything has just become so normal here. It really feels like home to me. I really do love Brazil. But anyways, that's about it for this week. I love you all! Thanks for everything that you guys do for me! A igreja é verdadeira!

Elder Harris

Pic 1 - Pizza party farewell for Shakespear and Melo
Pic 2 - Elders from Bom Jardim!
Pic 3 - A bunch of missionaries from the Mossoró Zona
Pic 4 - Elder Petter! My son in the office haha

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