Monday, July 11, 2016

The Gospel is like Pole Vaulting...and Once the Bar is Raised, it Can't be Lowered...

Hey everyone! So this week was really good. We had transfers and I stayed! So I will officially be finishing up here in Rosa dos Ventos with Elder Shakespear who is also finishing up and Elder Melo who's been out for about 5 months. Poor thing haha.
So on Friday we had a "get to know the new president" conference. It was really quick but it was fun to meet him. His name is President Colleoni from São Paulo. He seems like so much fun! He gave a really quick but really powerful talk. One thing that he said that caught my attention is that the Gospel is like pole vaulting. Every time we succeed the bar is raised a little. And once the bar is raised it can't be lowered. The Gospel is all about progression. If we aren't progressing we aren't accomplishing what we should be. It's an interesting perspective haha.
So we found an awesome family Saturday night. We made the first contact with the daughter then we went to her house to talk with her family and met her sister and her parents. At first they were reluctant to talk to us because we're Mormons ya know... but after a bit they all opened up to us and they even came to church yesterday. The mom and dad are still a little skeptical because they are from a different church since pretty much the beginning of time but they liked it. The daughters loved it. One thing that I love about this ward is how well they fellowship our investigators. Yesterday we had 10 investigators at church and they were all well received. Cl. was confirmed yesterday. We also brought a couple to church that we've been teaching for about a week and a half or so. The man came up to me in between the classes and was like... what do I need to do to get baptized? I was like you just did it! Next week haha. We're gonna prepare him well for next week. Another 11 year old girl who is a friend of a boy who was baptized a little bit ago also came up to me and asked the same thing! But seeing as we don't even know her parents we're gonna meet them this week and fingers crossed that it all works out! Haha man I love Brazil.
S.'s kids were both baptized this week too! Their family is so great! It's funny because they aren't necessarily our investigators but I consider them to be because we helped teach them and they technically live in our area so we visit them a lot haha. But anyways, that's about it for this week. I love you all! Thanks for all that you do for me! A igreja é verdadeira!

Elder Harris

Pic 1 - Brothers and their sons on the mission haha.
Pic 2 - Our group
Pic 3 - Jeovani, Pres. Colleoni's son.
Pic 4 - Pretty much the whole district from Mossoró together again haha.
Pic 5 - One more...
Video - Me trying to chase a goose... the goose won.

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