Monday, April 18, 2016

Trust in Heavenly Father! You aren't as great as you think you are by yourself!

Hey everyone! This week was awesome! Let me just start off with the big news... Ra. was baptized! For those of you who don't remember, she is the one whose mom said if she was baptized she would kick her out of the house. Alright so let me give you guys a run down on how this all went down. Ra.'s mom is cousins with the mom of a return missionary (A.). This return missionary is in our ward but his mom isn't baptized but is super awesome. We told her about the problem we were having and invited her to teach them with us. So we got to Ra.'s house and and all of a sudden A. (return missionary’s mom) went in and called N. (Ra.'s mom) and started going to town on this woman! She was like, “N. get over here! Sit here! What is this that I'm hearing about you not letting your daughter get baptized!? That's a bunch of bull! Would you rather have her going to church or in the streets getting involved with drugs and all sorts of other things?! You can't tell her what to do especially because you don't even go to church! Satan is using you to get in the way of your daughter’s happiness!” Man she said so much more but I can't even write it all. All I know is that I pretty much sat there watching these ladies going off... My head was going back and forth like I was watching a tennis game... But to make a long story short... Ra. was baptized this Saturday by her cousin (the return missionary whose mom went to town on her mom) and received the Holy Ghost yesterday. Her baptism was so good. She even invited some friends to watch who we're going to start teaching.

All I know is that I have been praying so hard for everything to work out and Heavenly Father for sure answered my prayers. Actually last Sunday I decided to fast for her as well. It was my first fast for her and look what happened. It makes me feel kinda dumb because after over a year and half out here it seems like I still forget that Heavenly Father does help us when we ask for it! I feel like it's something that we can all get better at. Good thing Heavenly Father is patient. I feel like He must find it at least a little amusing watching us running around trying to resolve all of our own problems with no success but as soon as we humble ourselves and look to Him, He's like "Here let me help you with that... there, now was that so hard?" Idk that's just kind of what I imagine. So trust in Him! You aren't as great as you think you are by yourself!

So anyways, that's about it for my week.. Actually that's about all I remember from this week, it was the highlight of the week. I love you all! A Igreja é verdadeira!

Elder Harris
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