Monday, March 7, 2016

Dengue Fever

Hey everyone! So this week was pretty good. Starting off with my birthday last Monday which was awesome. I had like three little parties with cake at each one. I couldn't handle eating any more cake haha. But it was so good. So then this Wednesday I started to get sick and my body started to kill. I went to the hospital on Thursday and they told me I had either dengue or chicungunya or however you spell that. I got dengue a little bit in my first area but this time it was so much worse. It left me bedridden for two whole days hardly being able to move because my body hurt so bad and I was running a pretty high fever. So I stayed home all Thursday and Friday. On Saturday I was still hurting a bit but we needed to follow up with our investigators for church on Sunday so we left to work. It was really cool actually. When we left the soreness eased up a bit and it made it easier to work and at about 6 o´clock we finished following up with our last investigator that we needed to talk to and literally as soon as we left his house I pretty much hit a wall. My body was just about to give in so we went home and I slept. But it was cool to see how Heavenly Father was helping me out the whole day in order to talk to all of our investigators and as soon as we finished I hit my wall. But anyways, I'm feeling way better. Still a little sore but they say it's normal and that in a few days it should go away and I'll be back to normal. But that's just about it for this week haha. This week we've got quite a few investigators who are progressing and who went to church this Sunday so I'm excited.
I love you all. Thanks for everything that you guys do for me! A igreja é verdadeira! (Sorry for no pics, the internet is being super slow today.)

Elder Harris

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