Monday, March 21, 2016

It's what you gotta do!

Hey everyone! This week's been pretty good. My comp and I are finally healthy again so we've been working a bunch. We've been focusing a lot on one family. Especially the two daughters and the son. Ra., who is 18, Re., who is like 25 or so, and T. who is 15 years old. The dad is also great but the mom is super obnoxious and doesn't like us because she is super catholic. She always is super rude to us but it's actually kinda funny because the whole family likes us so when the mom gets after us, the entire family gets after her haha. It's like we've got back up there haha. But anyways, Ra. and Re. have been reading the Book of Mormon but Ra. always thought that anybody could have written it. So we've been talking about it a bunch and she said she is finally starting to believe for the first time that it's true. So obviously we got super stoked but yesterday she got sick and Re.'s daughter got sick so neither one of them could go to church. So that was a bummer, But we're gonna keep working with them. Another investigator is K., who's 15 years old. We went to his house on Tuesday and he was super excited, saying that he had prayed and read a bunch and wanted to be baptized so we marked it for this Saturday. But the mom didn't agree and wouldn't let him be baptized. We tried talking to her but it didn't help... She was being as they call it here... a goalie. But we'll keep working with her. Also another girl we're teaching is M. who is 17 years old. She has been to church a few times but her grandma is a strong member of the Assembly of God and says that M. was already baptized there so she doesn't need to be baptized again. Especially because the way they baptize there is really similar to the correct way but they just don't have the authority. We tried explaining this to the grandma but she wouldn't have any of it. We talked about the Holy Ghost too because she thought everyone had to talk in tongues when they get the Holy Ghost and she doesn't think that it is given by the laying on of hands. I showed her in Acts 8 where the apostles gave the Holy Ghost by the laying on of hands but after reading I asked her what she understood... and she said the following. "Well it looks like Jesus came down, raised up his hand, and baptized everyone with the Holy Ghost! Halleluiah!!" I just kinda sat there with a stupid look on my face like... really lady? How did you get that out of what we just read?? Idk, some people just don't want to understand.  To be honest that's about all that happened this week. On Tuesday we had a pretty good district meeting. In other news, this has been one of the hottest weeks of my mission I think. We played sports for about a half hour or so at 6:00am and afterwards I was wringing out my shirt because of the sweat. Sunday we walked a ton too trying to get investigators to church and taking them all home afterwards. It's really hard here because not a lot of people have cars so we have to leave about 2 hours before church starts to personally stop by all of their houses to bring them to church. It takes forever, and it's exhausting but it's what you gotta do. But I think that's about it for this week. Thanks for everything! I love you all! Have a great week! A igreja é verdadeira!

Elder Harris

Pics - The District

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