Saturday, October 24, 2015

Never Give Up on God!

Hey everyone! So this week was really good. On Sunday we were able to baptize a little girl named V. We have been teaching her family for a while now and she goes to church all the time with her friends. Anyways, she approached us on Sunday telling us she wanted to be baptized. So we talked to her mom and she was ok with it so she was baptized. Her mom came to watch too which was great. Hopefully it was some good inspiration for her to whip herself into shape and get baptized too haha.
Anyways, we were eating lunch on Monday at this restaurant when all of a sudden this old lady comes up to us and just starts preaching like no other. She went off for dayzzzzzz! Then afterwards she was like NEVER GIVE UP ON GOD! JUST HANG IN THERE! NEVER GIVE UP ON HIM! NOT EVEN FOR ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD!! And I was just like... Amen! Then we invited her to church and she said no because God doesn't have a religion.... Ok. Who knows, maybe one day haha. So then onmonday night we had a little going away party with the sisters in our district for Sister Lencini who finished up her mission this week. She was in my district for one transfer in my first area Currais Novos and for two transfers here in Alecrim. Anyways, she was super cool and we were pretty good friends so it was sad to see her go. But the work must go on haha.

So Thursday was another great day because we had another baptism! We were able to baptize a guy named J. To be honest I'm not sure if I've mentioned him before. We have been teaching him for a while but he hasn't necessarily been progressing very well until just recently. He is dating a recent convert and we taught him about baptism and he accepted. So we had his baptism and it was really great. His girlfriend was crying and he was so happy. It was a great experience.
But that just about sums it up for this week. I love you all, have a great week! A igreja é verdadeira!

Elder Harris

Pic 1 - We tried haha
Pic 2 - Natal started at this point.
Pic 3 - Our little district party haha

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