Saturday, October 10, 2015

General Conference really is the best time of the year for a missionary.

So first of all, sorry I didn't have time to send a big email to everyone last week. Since our Pday is on Saturday and Conference was last Saturday we were so busy running around the city trying to get investigators to come to Conference with us and the rest of the time was spent watching Conference. But anyways, I loved conference! General Conference really is the best time of the year for a missionary. I loved all of the talks. I'm so excited for the three new apostles. So just like the last conference we watched it in a little room with all of the Americans in English. I think I've said this before but we are so blessed to be able to speak the same language as our prophet and apostles. I was listening to a talk by Elder Holland the other day in the office and my comp turned to me and asked who was speaking. I looked at him surprisingly because who can't identify Elder Holland's powerful voice?? Then I realized he rarely hears his voice because it's always been translated for him. That's how it is here. I'm so thankful to be able to understand our leaders! Anyways, conference was just the spiritual boost that I needed. I think my favorite part was afterwards I talked with President Morais (The Stake President here) and he pretty much gave me my own personal General Conference talk. President Morais has to be one of the greatest men to have ever walked the earth. I love him so much! He's one of the most loving guys I've ever met and one of those people who can clearly be identified as one called of God.

Anyways, last week we had our Zone conference which was good but it was a little stressful to get everything ready for it but it all worked out. Then this week we had our leadership council which was good too. Things have been so crazy lately, I'm looking forward to hopefully resting a little bit in the coming weeks but that probably won’t happen... I took a few missionaries to the police station to renew their visas this week and it all went well.

So as for the teaching part, I. is still progressing well. We were walking down the street the other day when we felt like we should talk to and old couple that was sitting outside of their house so we started talking to them and they were nice but clearly not interested. All of a sudden a lady came out and we started talking to here. She's like 25 years old or so. Anyways, her name is B. and she was talking about how she has been needing God in her life and how she has always seen our church and wanted to enter but wasn't sure if she could enter without being invited. She was so happy that we stopped to talk to her and she even asked if the people would accept her as a member there. We were like.... ummm Yeah! So anyways, we went back the next day and taught her the restoration and left her with a Book of Mormon. We're going to go back today to see how she is doing with the reading. She told us that without a doubt she will go to church with us tomorrow so we're excited.

Yesterday was pretty cool. We were at lunch at a member’s house and I left a spiritual message about faith and afterwards he told me that I was definitely inspired to share that because it was exactly what he was needing at that moment. Yeah it was pretty cool. The church is true. Anyways, that's about it for now. I love you all! I hope you have an awesome week! Thank you all for everything! A igreja é verdadeira!

Elder Harris

Our zone at the Zone Conference

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