Saturday, June 13, 2015

I think it's winter here...not sure but that's what they say!

Hey everyone!  Sounds like summer has started and everything is going good for you guys!  I think it´s winter here... not sure but
that´s what they say haha.  So this week was pretty great.  So to start off the week on Saturday I got super sick.  I´m not sure what it was but I was super dizzy and throwing up and it just wasn´t good.  So Sunday morning came around and I was still sick.  I talked to Sister Soares and she invited us to lunch with her and President.  So after church I was feeling a little better and President picked us up and took us to his house which is always awesome.  We just ate and talked and enjoyed the view.  I know I´ve already said this but one of my favorite things about the office is getting to know them better.  Anyways it was a good day. 
             So we had an emergency transfer this week which wasn´t too bad but it was pretty unorganized.  We had a new American who came this week and he stayed with us for a day before going to his area.  He was pretty cool.  So we were making some street contacts that night when we got a call from a missionary at the bus station saying that the people there wouldn´t let him get on the bus because he didn´t have proper documentation so anyways, we busted it back to the office and I grabbed all the papers I needed and luckily president was there to give us a ride to the bus station.  We told him we were in a hurry and apparently he got the idea.  Literally one of the craziest rides I´ve been on in my life.  I´ve already mentioned how crazy the drivers are here in Brazil but this took it to another level!  Pres. was bustin it!  All this while the new American was sitting in the back seat with the most terrified expression on his face that I´ve ever seen!  I couldn´t help but laugh.  We were all just like, Welcome to Brasil haha.  I used to not like taking taxis here because they´re so insane but now I just get into it.  I´m in the back seat cheering them on like GO GO GO!!!   Haha anyways we made it to the bus station at the last minute and I gave the guy the proper documentation.  The guy was super awnry [mother's spell check:  ornery] (Not sure how to spell that) But it all worked out, I politely chewed the guy out for being so obnoxious and, we were on our way haha. 
              So Thursday was legit.  There is this 15 year old kid named M. that the sisters have been teaching for a while now and has been coming to church for about two months now.  One of the best kids I´ve ever met.  The sisters have tried to baptize him a couple times but it has never worked out.  So they were gonna give up on him.  But like I said this kid is elect.  I don´t want to say that I got a little annoyed with the sisters but yeah, I got a little annoyed with the sisters because they were extremely mole as they call it here.  In other words they didn´t try very hard with him.  His parents are hardcore Catholics so the sisters thought they wouldn´t let him be baptized so they didn´t try.  Anyways my comp and I set up and appointment with them and we had a good lesson and the parents opened up to us enough that they gave permission for M. to be baptized.  So I asked him when he wanted to have his baptism like Saturday or Sunday and he was like.  Is there still time to have it today?  I was like heck ya!  And then he gave me a huge hug and he was super happy.  We called the bishop and got everything worked out and him and one other 12 year old named G. were baptized that night.  Super cool experience.  One of my favorite things about being here on the mission is being able to witness these kinds of miracles happening all the time. 
             That just about sums it up for this week.  I love you all and hope you all have a great week!  A igreja é verdadeira!

Elder Harris

Pics - President´s house

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