Saturday, November 21, 2015

This week was just one of those weeks...

Well everyone, this week was.... well, it was just one of those weeks. On the mission you have the great weeks, the good weeks, and the not so good weeks. This one wasn't one of the better weeks we've had. First off, our investigator Z.’s baptism fell through. We went to pick him up to take him to his baptism and we found him with a huge black eye. We asked him what happened and it turns out he got himself into a little argument and ended up losing the day before his baptism. Well to make matters worse he also decided to move to another neighborhood which is really far from where we work. So we aren't able to visit him anymore. He said he would go to church on Sunday so fingers crossed, but I'm not too hopeful.

Also we went to talk with J's mom yesterday again about his baptism. This time we brought the ward young men's leader with us, Irmão D. He's one of those guys that is just super likable and all the young men love him. So we went there and after a little while she admitted that she really wants her son to go to her church instead of the church of Jesus Christ so even if it means she has to be disobedient to God she won't let him be baptized. I was like, “What?? Ugh!” Anyways, I walked away from both experiences a little disheartened... But we've just gotta press forward with faith doing everything within our power and the Lord will make up for the rest. It's one of those moments where you wish you could just force them to make the right decision that will help them but I guess that's why Heavenly Father gave us our agency. In a way I kinda feel like that's how Heavenly Father must feel sometimes. Sometimes the choice is so clear and I'm sure that God just wants to yell to us what we need to do and yet every once in a while we still make the wrong choices. Like Elder Holland said in one of his talks "imperfect people are all God has ever had to work with. That must be incredibly frustrating for Him but He deals with it; so should we."

So moral of the story, Choose the Right. Just do it.

So yesterday we had to help take all of the furniture and appliances out of a house where missionaries used to live and take it all to our house because that area closed. It was hot and I was sweating like no other but we got it taken care of. I again rode in the back of the moving truck and once again it felt like I was inside an oven haha. We passed through my old areas, Cidade do Sol, and Panatis on our way home and it was so weird seeing my old areas again. It feels like it was just last month that I was working there yet it's been about 8 months haha. Time flies when you're having fun haha.

We also had a family night the other night with a couple of families from the ward. Man there was so much food! Sometimes it's hard being a missionary because you just have to eat so much stinking food! Like they just expect that from you haha. #missionaryprobs hahaha. But it was good. I love the members here they're great. But that just about sums it up for this week. I love you all! Try not to freeze to death in all of the snow there! Man I'm jealous! I'm still soaking in the sun for all of you guys haha so when you're all freezing to death just try to remember Elder Harris sweating to death haha. jk not really cuz I'm in the office all day ;) Haha Have a great week! A igreja é verdadeira!

Elder Harris

Pics of the staff (I didn't take any pictures this week so here are a few from a little while back)

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