Saturday, November 14, 2015

Nobody was injured so that's always a plus!

So this week was good. We had the monthly Leadership council on Tuesday which went well. Nobody was injured so that's always a plus haha. So anyways, after that we were trying to get all of the missionaries back to their areas so I was at the bus station when a Hispanic elder came up to me saying that the workers there needed my help. So anyways, I was a little skeptical but I walked back into this little room with this Hispanic elder, a worker, and this other dude from Argentina who didn't speak any Portuguese haha. So the other Elder was translating his Spanish for us. Anyways, turns out that this guy needed to buy a flight ticket to get him from Natal to another city in southern Brazil called Foz do Iguaçu, which is actually where my last comp is from. But anyways they figured that with my secretary skills I would be able to help them because I'm always buying plane tickets hahaha. It was pretty funny but I showed them a few sites and helped them out a bit and it got all worked out haha. Just a random funny experience haha.

So I told you guys last week about Z., the guy we talked to because we were afraid he would assault us. Well anyways, he's been progressing really well and will be baptized tomorrow! He's 23 and the bishop wants to start preparing him as soon as possible so that he can have the opportunity to maybe serve a mission. Anyways, we're excited. He had his baptismal interview yesterday and it all went well. We're still working with J. and his mom and haven't been having much success with her... We stopped by his house last Sunday to take him to church and he answered the door and told us that his mom wouldn't let him go to church with us. So we asked to talk to her and she started denying it saying that he could go he's a grown boy he needs to choose for himself which path he wants to choose. So we brought up baptism. He's constantly talking about how badly he wants to be baptized but his mom still won’t let him even though he's a "grown boy who needs to choose his own path" she thinks it's too early. Ugh, people... but we aren't gonna lose faith haha.

So guess who we ran into yesterday... Remember B. from a few weeks ago, our "Elect" investigator who was progressing super-fast until her friends started talking bad about the church. Well anyways, we saw her yesterday. Apparently she's living in a beach house with a bunch of friends and has lost all interest in the church. I walked away feeling extremely sad. It's hard to believe that someone can make such a big turn for the worse in such a short amount of time.

But on a happier note, we started teaching a 17 year old kid named T. He looks really promising. We went to his house and taught him about the restoration and he loved it. The lesson started off a little shaky because his step dad was there drunk making all sorts of unnecessary comments but then his mom showed up and took him away. Haha it was actually pretty funny. She showed up like "Hey! You can't be hearing the word of God, you've been drinking! You're not allowed to listen to these things of God!" Idk, you just had to be there I guess haha.

But that's just about it for this week. I love you all! Thank you for everything that you guys do for me! Have a great week! A igreja é verdadeira!

Elder Harris

The Leadership Council

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