Saturday, September 5, 2015

Pedal forward!

Hey everyone! So this week was pretty hectic. We started off last Saturday playing soccer with the youth for Pday and I got a nice black eye. I went for a header and didn't realize another player was also going for a header so we banged heads pretty good haha. Anyways, this week we had the leadership council on Tuesday so we were super busy getting ready for that. I had to take three missionaries to the police station to renew their visas. Three Americans. Man it was a party haha. We went to this place called Wayne's Burger Star. They have like the most American burger that you can find here. Best part about it... there was not one grain of rice nor a bean on my plate haha. So anyways, we had our Leadership Counsel and it went really well. Then the next day we had a zone meeting which also was really good. We talked about how you can either pedal a bicycle forward or backward but when you pedal backward nothing happens. We can go through all the motions and pretend like we were pedaling but in all reality we aren´t accomplishing anything. Anyways, it was way more in depth and spiritual there haha.

As for proselyting, this week has been pretty difficult because we have Elder Moura with a broken foot with us so in order to leave we have to plan for either a member to leave with us or for Elder Moura to stay at a member’s house while we leave to work. We´re probably going to have to drop J. because she's got some old habits that she just isn't willing to break. Huge bummer but we´ve already spent a ton of time working with her and she just isn’t progressing. In fact, the only investigator we have that is progressing is B., the ten year old boy. He is still super excited about the church. I just wish we could get his mom and his grandma on board... Anyways, we´ll keep working with them.

So today we had yet another bomb Pday. Sister Soares came and picked us up bright and early today and took us to all sorts of places. Almost all of the cool tourist places are beaches so she took us there. We were able to go to a lot of places where we wouldn't normally be able to go if we were alone. We went to a place called Genipabu which is just north of Natal where they have big pretty sand dunes that go right down into the ocean so we hung out there and played on the dunes and we even got our feet a little wet in the water ;) They have camels there too so that´s freaking awesome. After that we went to the south of Natal where there is this museum thing with a bunch of rockets and airplanes and all that jazz. Then we went to some more dunes and hung out there and played some rugby. We definitely had a good time. It was a good bread from the office. Anyways, that's about it for this week. I love you all! Thank you guys for everything! A igreja é verdadeira!

Elder Harris

Pic 1 - Black eye
The rest - P-day

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