Saturday, September 19, 2015

Peace Comes When We Realize Christ Really Did Restore His Gospel to the Earth Once More

So this week was a bit crazy but really good. First of all, we were able to baptize B. last Sunday! It was awesome! He was so excited and we even got his mom to come and she seemed to enjoy it. We have been following up with him a ton this week and he is so excited to receive the Holy Ghost tomorrow! He says prayers and asks Heavenly Father to make Sunday come quicker so that he can get the Holy Ghost haha. He's awesome. We have found a bunch of awesome people to work with this week.

We found one girl named S. who had a Mormon friend but she served a mission and lost contact with her. She has been to some family nights and activities with members but never to church. So we were teaching her about the restoration and about the peace that comes when we realize that Christ truly did restore his Gospel to the earth once more. And she said that she has always noticed that about the members...that even though there aren't a ton of members here they always seem to have a certain calmness or peacefulness about them, like a different perspective on life. So we explained and gave her a Book of Mormon to start reading. The only problem is that she is studying in college hardcore right now so it's really hard to find a good time to meet with her. So hopefully we'll be able to get her to church with us tomorrow.

We found another awesome investigator I. She showed up one day when we were teaching a lesson at R.'s house and we taught her a little bit and gave her a Book of Mormon. When we went back two days later she had read quite a few chapters of it. She says she doesn't know why but when she starts reading it she just doesn't want to put it down. We explained why and we are going to start working with her a ton. As for R.,... she got baptized.... into the Universal Church of God. I was so sad when I found out... There's not much else we can do. We've already explained everything to her but she doesn't want to listen so we had to drop her.

So the other day I was working with Elder Mehl and we went to the house of a guy who we had talked to a couple days ago on the street. We get there and he's not there but his grandma answers the door and she is crying hardcore. So I ask if there is anything we could do for her. I soon realized that she was insane. Elder Mehl, in his extremely limited knowledge of English, was trying to warn me by saying in an urgent but hushed tone... CRAZY!!!!! Haha I got the idea and went to leave and she grabbed my hand and wouldn't let go. She was a strong old lady. She started kissing my hand and smelling it, and yelling, “I need a blessing from the Lord!” This all went down through a window/top part that opens on her door. She all of a sudden started trying to pry the door open even without using the doorknob. The doors here aren't very sturdy so she succeeded and we took off out of there. I'm still not sure whether I should laugh about that experience or cry haha.

So, I bought Elder Moura's plane ticket and he took off for home this week. Hopefully his foot will heal up and he can get back out here. So now we're just in a trio. Elder Mehl, Durê, and I. Anyways, that's about it for this week. I love you all, thank you for everything! A igreja é verdadeira!

Elder Harris

Pic - A super hot pepper I ate at a members house the other day haha. (I almost sweat to death)

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