Saturday, July 25, 2015

I'm just too skinny these days!

Hey everyone! Sounds like everyone is still having a blast this summer... even without me haha ;) So this week was really good! Last Saturday for pday we went with the stake president, President M. to the Parque das dunas again haha, it was a blast. President M. is literally one of the greatest men to walk the face of this earth. I seriously love him so much. But anyways, we had fun there until we were coming home and he asked me to give a talk in church the next day haha. But at least he gave me the night before to prepare so I can´t complain too much. Plus he told me to talk on O Livro de Mórmon so it was a pretty easy subject. Anyways, I spoke and I think it went really well. I pretty much just quoted half of Elder Holland´s talk on the Book of Mormon. If you haven´t seen it go watch it. Even if you have seen it, go watch it again. It´s one of the best talks I´ve ever heard. Anyway, people have been telling me all week that it´s been a while since they´ve heard a talk that good. So I guess that´s a good thing haha.
Monday we left to do some teaching and our appointments were dropping like flies. We had 5 appointments in a row fall through. And they all just happened to live forever away from eachother so by the time we got to the last one we just had enough time to walk home so that was an unsuccessful day. Tuesday there was an American missionary in the office when a huge package just happened to show up for him. I´m pretty sure this missionary is going straight to the celestial kingdom because he immediately opened it up and started giving all these American snacks to us. 
I´ve never been so happy to eat cool ranch Doritos haha. So Wednesday happened.... haha we had a ward activity which was fun but the best (and worst) part was after. My comp has a rugby ball because he used to play so I went with all the young men to play for a bit. It just turned in to all the young men chasing me because I had the ball. I was working these kids, juking left and right, hurdling all sorts of things, it was freaking legit. Until I got to the parking lot, which just happens to be made out of jagged bricks. I had 4 kids trying to catch me from behind so I was focused on them when all of a sudden this pretty stocky kid jumped out from behind a car where he was hiding and wrapped me up. I had my livro de mormon in one hand, the ball in the other and I was trying to hold on to all the things in my shirt pocket to keep them from falling out all at the sime time so I had no way to protect myself from this kid and he ended up tackling me onto the brick. I was kind of embarrassed that I let this punk take me down haha. I´m just too skinny these days haha. Anyways I ripped my pants pretty good and got some nice raspberries on my arms and knees haha. But it was still a blast. I didn´t realize how much I missed that stuff. haha it was some good stuff haha.
So we´ve been talking to R. a lot this week and she is still progressing really well. We just have to keep helping her out. On the other hand J. from last week who was doing so well hasn´t been progressing very well. I don´t know what´s going on with her but she doesn´t want to read anymore and she´s kind of becoming more closed off. But we´re gonna work like crazy with her this week to try and help her with whatever she needs. That pretty much sums up our week. I love you guys! Keep having a great week haha. A igreja é verdadeira!

Elder Harris
At the little museum thing they have there

Some kids playing soccer

With Elder Durê

P-Day With President M

Parque das Dunas
It´s kinda cool, every once in a while you see these monkey
 lemur things running around the city on the telephone wires

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