Monday, January 26, 2015

First week in new area of Natal, Panatis

So everyone I hope this week was a good one for you guys.  It was definitely a good one for me here in Natal.  We got here on Wednesday and went to work.  Thursday was a great day.  We taught a bunch of lessons and marked three baptismal dates so that was really great.  We had our first zone meeting and I started getting to know the zone.  We have a huge chapel here in Panatis.  Like huge!  Maybe I´m just used to the one in my last area which was really small and old but this one is super nice!  Yeah I don´t know, I figured I´d just throw that in there.  I´m still getting to know my area and the ward here.  They all seem really great.  We go teaching with the ward mission leader quite a bit here.  He´s so hilarious!  I don´t even know how to describe him to you he just is.  Maybe it´s just because normal things are ten times funnier in Portuguese haha.  
         Anyways so I´m actually in a threesome now with Elder Morais and Elder Muñoz from Argentina.  He has something wrong with his knee and the clinic he needs is in our area so we went and picked him up and he´s just chilling with us.  When I say chilling, I mean just chilling.  Because of his knee he can´t really walk super well so Elder Morais and I take turns staying with him in the house while the other either goes teaching with a member or with the other elders we live with.  Staying in the house might sound pretty nich but As any missionary will tell you it´s not that great staying in the house on the mission.  It gets super boring.  On the bright side I finally learned how to solve a flippin Rubik´s cube!  I say flippin because I was getting so frustrated with it I wanted to throw it against a wall!  But I finally got it haha.  
           So yesterday we had lunch with the patriarch and we had the first roast beef I´ve had on my whole mission!  It was so good!  The food is a little more normal here.  At least so far it is haha.
          So I hung up the big family christmas tree that you guys sent me in my christmas package.  And every single elder that looks at it looks at Uncle Kurt and they're like "I didn´t know President Soares (Devin's mission president) was in your family!"  haha They literally look like twins I attached a picture for you guys haha.  I thought it was pretty funny.  But that was really about it for this week.  Not a whole lot went on.  I love you all.  Have a great week and remember that the church is true! 

Elder Devin Harris
Pic - Uncle Kurt and his twin haha
Pic - Our zone.  There are two Brazilian missionaries on my left between me and my companion.

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