Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Four Months and My First Transfer!

So first off, I´m sorry that I´m emailing so late.  On the week of transfers our mission skips PDay on Monday and has it on Wednesdays instead.  Which isn´t very fun if you’re traveling all day like I was.  Yes I was travelling all day which means I was transferred!  I´m now serving in Natal in the area of Panatís.  It´s on the north part of Natal.  I´m sure I´m going to love it.  Natal is such a beautiful city!  We´re not really close to the beach or anything but it´s alright.  My new comp is Elder Morais.  He´s from Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil.  He seems pretty cool but I´m not really sure yet.  My last comp and I ended up getting along great and getting work done in Currais Novos.  It was tough to say goodbye to him but it was good because I´m officially done with my training.  It´s time to put on my big boy pants and get to work.  So I´ll just kinda talk about my last week in Currais.  I was super sick for the first three days (Devin had Dengue Fever) so it sucked because I had to stay in the house because the sun makes it way worse.  So we had to stay in the house everyday until the sun went down every day before we could go out to work.  Friday was the first day I could start working in the sun again so we went and worked so hard on Friday!  We were trying to make up for the lack of lessons from the other days.  We ended up teaching 11 discussions on Friday!   It was crazy and tons of walking!  I´m now down to 84 kilos which is about 185 pounds which is unreal because when I left the CTM I was at 95 kilos which is about 205 pounds! I lost all that in less than three months!  I´m droppin pounds like I´m on some Jenny Craig stuff.  Haha you guys won’t even recognize me in a couple years!
           So we were having a lesson with our 88 year old investigator M. and her great granddaughter was there who was 14 years old and it was super awkward because M. was trying to hook us up the whole time!  She was like are you married?  and then I would say no and then she would like look at her granddaughter and be like, Did you hear that??  He´s not married!  And then she would just go off to her granddaughter like Look how handsome this missionary is, He´s American and everything.  Her granddaughter was so embarrassed but I thought it was hilarious! 
          It´s been super SUPER hot lately!  It´s getting way hotter because summer is just starting here.  It´s so weird, I´m still not used to it.  But here in Natal they have a nice breeze which is super good to cool things off.  I sweat even more here though because it´s so much more humid haha.  But it´s all good.  In my house there are two Brazilians and two Americans.  The one American has less time in the mission than me!  I was stoked when I found out because it means that I speak better Portuguese than him!  I was so happy!  Haha no but for real my Portuguese has been super good lately!  Elder Chagas left a day early to pick up a new companion in Natal so I stayed with the other elder in our house, Elder Quiroga for the whole day yesterday so I was pretty much senior companion and led all the discussions and everything.  We had a really spiritual lesson with one of our investigators Bru., who is the older sister of Bre, who we baptized on New Year’s.  I invited her to be baptized and she will be next week!  I´m so excited but kinda bummed because I´ll miss it :/  I spent pretty much all of yesterday saying goodbye to investigators and recent converts.  They all started to cry when I told them I was leaving which actually made me feel good because it means I actually made an impact on them.  But I´m super excited to start to get to know my new area.  It´s going to be awesome.  I love you all!  Amo vocês!  Desejo uma ótimo semana por todos.  Fica perta de Deus e ele ficará perta de vocês.  A igreja é verdadeiro.  Have a great week everyone!

Elder Harris II 

P.S.  Sorry for no pictures, I´ll try to send some next week
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