Friday, October 24, 2014

Last week in the Brazil CTM

I'm sorry!   Barely have time to get through all of my emails before they kick us off the computers here!  Well so we get to go to the temple every morning on pday.  It's almost always Sao Paulo but sometimes we get to go to Campinas which is like an hour away depending on traffic.  Other than that we sit in the same class room day after day listening to people throwing all sorts of Portuguese at us slowly going insane!  I'm so excited to go out to the field on Tuesday!  I might be able to call you guys from the airport or something but if i do it will be at like 2 or sometime in the middle of the night for you guys.  We're now 5 hours apart now that daylight savings hit and the southern part of the world switches their clocks the other way than you guys.  Other than that, my companions and district are great and we are all having a blast here.  We have devotionals every Sunday and Tuesday night but other than that, there are pretty much no other details; just 6 weeks of the same stuff over and over again so I'm sorry but as soon as I get out to the field I'll start writing you better ones I promise! :)  Wyatt sent me some pictures of his monster deer but the facebook thing made me laugh so hard!  So thanks for sending it to me :) Send my love to everyone!  This week was a slow week anyways.  I miss you all and I'm so excited to get to the field! Taggart I haven't forgotten your birthday and hopefully when I get to the field I'll be able to send you home something but it will be a little late.  Have a great birthday!  I miss you guys!  It looked like your trip to St. George was fun!  I love you all!  Next week I'll be coming at you live from Natal!  I couldn't be more excited!  I'm excited to send home pictures finally too!  I love looking at all of your guys' pictures!  Tchau tchau for now!   I love you!  Have a great week!


                                                                                                             Elder Harris #2

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