Friday, October 10, 2014

Another Week???

Ok so the problem that I'm having right now is that I have a ton to write this week but they are hardly giving us any time!  So I'll try to get everything I need in!  So this week was so eventful!  First I have to start off with the first big miracle I've experienced since I've been here.  So there is a sister in our district who for the first two weeks here was determined that she was going home.  She didn't have a testimony of this church and was just mad at God.  She came because that's what her parents expected of her.  She even had thoughts of leaving the church completely just two weeks before her mission.  But by the tender mercies of God she made it out here!  She is the one I gave my first blessing to.  She had made up her mind to go home right before conference but we convinced her to stay until at least after conference.  Well anyways, I'm skipping a ton of this story for the sake of time but to make a long story short.  We got her to pray about conference and she ended up feeling like every talk was specifically for her!  She told me that the big game changer for her was hearing the quote, "Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that there is a Christ"  She said that pretty much penetrated her soul.  That and a few other things changed her mind and she felt the love Heavenly Father has for her and she is now determined to be the best missionary there ever was!  So after that all she wrote me a note thanking me for everything I did for her by not giving up on her and she said that my blessing is the reason she didn't leave after the first week.  She said she wrote down almost every word of it and reads through it every night when things get tough.  I don't know, it was so much cooler than I probably made it sound on here but It was such a testimony builder for me!  Never give up on anyone because honestly I thought there was no way she was staying.  But by Heavenly Father, all things are made possible.  So we got to go proselyting for real on Wednesday!  That was so amazing!  Between me and my companions we placed 6 Books of Mormon on the streets.  They threw us on a bus and took us somewhere that we had no idea where we were!  We could pretty much hold decent conversations and say what we needed to say but some of the people spoke so fast!  It's still so hard to understand but the Gift of Tongues is real!  We just got two new Brazilian roomates two days ago.  That is gonna help a ton because everynight we try and talk to them.  Last night we had a hilarious conversation about why americans use "Like" and "Yeah" so much when they talk.  focus on it and you'll hear it too ;)  Last week when we went to the Sao Paulo temple we went super early so we got to go downstairs and do service inside of the temple like folding clothes and little stuff like that but it was so cool!  I don't know, I guess it's just not an experience you get every day.  So today we got to go to the Campinas temple instead of the Sau Paulo one.  You;ll have to google it or something but it is such a beautiful temple!  This session was in portuguese too.  I had headsets but I took them off to see how much I could get out of it and i surprised myself!  This has been such a cool experience already and it hasn't even been a month yet!  I'm still having the time of my life here!  All of the new Missionaries are so cool!  Anyways they're kicking me off now so I've got to go.  I love you all!!  The church is true!  I hope you are all doing well!
                                                                                                                                                    Elder Harris #2

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