Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Hoof Stew and Guarana

Well everyone, it was great to hear from you all!  I'm having such a good time here!  I love and miss all of you but knowing that I'm doing the Lord's work makes it worth it :)  So we just got back from the Sao Paulo temple.  We get to go every pday to either the Sao Paulo one or another one that's pretty close.  It was such a cool temple!  They even did it in English so that was nice!  The Portuguese is coming along slowly but surely.  I'd be lying if I said it wasn't the hardest thing I've ever done but as a wise man once told me "It's all good" - Brad Harris ;)  Haha love you dad ;)  I can hold a decent conversation with the Brazillian missionaries as long as they slow it down for me a ton!  It's frustrating but I have to remember that it's only the first week so I can't get too frustrated.  The food here is way good!  Lots of rice and beans though ;)  We have it for every meal for a side.  Yesterday for lunch was the first time I ate something a little weird.  They had a stew and it was really dark looking with chunks of meat and when I ladled it onto my rice there was a hoof.  Yes a hoof haha.  To be honest I didn't eat the hoof because I feel like that would be a little too crunchy but everything else in the stew wasn't bad ;)  The fruits here are spectacular!  especially the pineapple! It's so good!!  So I don't know if this going on facebook but if AJ Caldwell ends up reading this, they have all you can drink Guarana here for every meal!  It's so bomb!  Guarana is like some super good Brazillian soda that is spectacular!  So I don't know about the Provo MTC but everyone tells me that you have no free time at all.  Here is actually pretty chill.  You get a couple hours of free time every day but our district chooses to spend it studying the language anyways.  Our district is way cool!  We're all super close.  One of the sisters in our district was sick yesterday so she asked the Elders to give her a blessing and the Elders said they felt like I should do it.  It was so cool!  It was the first blessing I've ever given and I would say it went pretty good :)  Our room is on the top floor of the CTM, so the view is sweet!  It's technically on the 6th floor but they consider the first floor to be the ground floor and the second to be the first and so on so it's actually the 7th floor.  That's awesome except for the stairs!  Those got old real fast!  So I'm in a Companionship trio with Elder Albee and Elder Cragun.  Elder Albee is from Manti and he's pretty chill.  Elder Cragun is from Eden Utah.  Well they're kicking us off the computers now so I've got to go.  I love you all!  Keep me posted on what's going on at home!  I'm doing great here!  I'm having a blast! Love you all!
Elder Harris #4

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