Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas!

So this week was great.  We started out on Tuesday with our Conferencia de Natal in Natal.  It´s the one time of the year when the whole mission gets together.  We woke up at 2:30, yes, 2:30 in the morning to get to Natal on time.  Which was a little ridiculous if you aske me.  It was a blast and they did a bunch of skits and such and I got to talk with Elder Albee and Elder Cragun, my companions from the CTM.  It was so cool to see them and to catch up with them in all portuguese!  I remember when we first arrived we were like, there´s no way, but it was awesome to see the improvement.  So the problem about the Conference was that the food was bad... the next day just about every missionary in the Brasil Natal mission where sick.  All four missionaries in our house and the sisters were so sick the next day!  I thought the food from the wedding was bad awhile back!  We could hardly even leave our house without having to run back up stairs to the bathroom!  Man, no good... no good... But other than that, it was good...  It was great to see all the mail they had for the missionaries at the conference and to go through and realize none of it was mine... (I cried for three days) It´s not like I´m bitter about it or anything...  Haha jk I sure hope Santa Claus remembers me this year cuz if not, it´s gonna be a pretty lame Christmas!  Haha looks like I´ll really have to be relying on He is the Gift ;)  So we had a baptism yesterday with a man names S. He´s like 60 years old.  I was the one that baptized him and after I said the prayer I kinda of lifted his hand so he could plug his nose and started to cross himself!  He got to his forehead back down to his chest and I just held as tightly as I could so he couldn´t finish it and we finally got him to go down.  Then right as he comes up he yells, Man this water is freezing!  Haha yeah I don´t know about him.  He´s a really great guy.  So yesterday we went to lunch at a members house and they had american football playing!  It was a re-run of the 49ers and the Chargers that went into overtime.  It was so good to finally see something besides soccer on tv!  The Brazilian announcers where about as helpful as the BHS Cheerleaders though... "Oh! hit him!,  Wow he´s fast, Oh no, he fell down"  And then every once in a while they would throw in some random english phrase like, Show me the money philip rivers!  Haha Idk, I thought it was kinda funny.  But that was about it for this week.  We´re still working with U.  He is great but wont come to church with us so we´re gonna keep trying with him.  Three of our other investigators are out of town for Christmas, so we haven´t been able to talk to them.  We´ve been working a lot with references from the ward and we´ve found some pretty great people, We´ve just gotta work with them.  But that is about it for this week.  I love you guys!  

Elder Harris
Elder Cragun, Devin, and Elder Albee

President and Sister Soares with Devin

Spreading a little Christmas cheer!  The sisters felt sorry for the elders because their apartment has no Christmas decorations so they pulled this out of the trash and decorated it for them!

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