Monday, November 3, 2014

Humbled by a 4 year-old!

Well the first week in the field is just about up and it´s safe to say that I´m as green as they come ;)  First off, I baptized two people yesterday!  It was such a cool experience. One 8 year old boy named J. and a 15 year old girl named D.  They technically weren´t our investigators, they were from the missionaries before us but I´m still counting it!  It was an awesome experience!  Everything is so different here!  I have no Idea what anyone is saying to me!  The food here is awesome though.  Always lots of meat and beans and rice haha.  Last night a member fed us fish and I actually ate it and it wasn´t too bad mom ;)  The apartment is pretty nice, I´ll send a picture of it next week.  The water here is cold but we have a heated shower head so you just flip a switch and it goes hot.  But I never flip it to hot because I´m hot here 24/7!  Well I take that back.  It cools off when the sun goes down.  I live for 5 o´clock here because that´s when the sun goes down and it cools off a little.  I lied when I said it wasn´t hot here.  It is so hot here!  I sweat so much it´s ridiculous!  Currais Novos is pretty decent sized but my favorite thing about it is that we get to get out of the city and it has farms and ranches here.  The only problem is we have to walk everywhere!  We walk so much!  I don´t ever want to hear the kids complaining about having to walk somewhere!  One of our investigators lives probably about as far as the stake center to the trash pile in Beaver.  I´m so envious of missionaries who even have pedal bikes!  My companion is good but it´s tough because I can´t genuinely talk to him yet.  Man I miss you guys so much!  It´s been pretty tough I´m not gonna lie.  It gets lonely not being able to talk to anyone or understand what anyone is saying!  I feel like the guy in The Best Two Years when he gets out to the field and starts talking to the people and he´s like, “That´s not the language they taught me in the MTC!” Because I´m pretty sure it´s a completely different language!  People talk so fast here with so much slang, it’s a miracle if I can even understand one word!  I can´t understand anyone here!  I´m just putting my faith in the gift of tongues and studying like crazy!  We went to a member´s house last night and they had three little girls who were pretty much Malia and Marissa to the tee!  They were adorable!  But I´ll tell you what, there´s not much more humbling than having a four year old make fun of you because you can´t speak Portuguese!  Haha the people here are all so nice.  
 I seriously laughed so hard at the picture of the kids in their Halloween costumes!  Taggart, that is so you!  I hope you had a great birthday bud!  I´m so jealous of your cold weather.  It´s so hot here,  Like so hot!  And it never rains here either... But that´s about it for this week.  I love you all!  Enjoy your cold weather!  Tchau Tchau!  Oh and I pet my first monkey this week :)
His district at the Brazil MTC

Cool reflection of the temple!

Kiko, the moneky

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